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“Automile helps me keep a pulse on the vehicles and drivers. I have been able to increase cost savings and best of all, after the telematics has been introduced, I have had 100% driver retention rate.”

Serving Customers Across All Industries

We help business of all sizes track their vehicles and assets, remove paperwork, stay compliant, improve vehicle utilization, reduce accidents and increase productivity.

Agriculture, Forestry
Retail Trade
Wholesale Trade
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
Public Administration

Experience Innovation

Beautifully designed for you and your business to drive great results.

Real Time Tracking

Track your vehicles real time and get precise location. Experience our industry-first, High-Resolution update that delivers instant tracking data every 15th second.

FMCSA-Certified Hours of Service (HOS)New

Increase safety, reduce violations and stay in compliance with FMCSA-Certified Hours of Service (HOS). HOS keeps track of the working hours for commercial drivers. It includes HOS logs, DVIR, IFTA and more.

Safety and Security

When you have no visibility into unauthorized use of corporate vehicles, it impacts the safety and security of your business. Use geo-fencing to get complete control and protect your assets and business.

Paperless Vehicle Inspections

Finding paper based logging of your vehicle inspections painful? You can record defects in seconds, add relevant notes, and snap a picture to go along with it.

Driver Identification

Unable to easily benchmark driver behaviors and prevent accidents? You’ll get a 360 degree view of all your drivers’ events, and location of their respective fleet. Drivers are safer and you are empowered like never before.

Tasks and Messaging

Challenged with how to complete an important task that has come up for a specific location? Simply delegate and message drivers who are closest to that location and get the task done in no time.

Record Expenses New

Dealing with the hassles of accurately tracking expenses? Recording parking fee, fuel cost etc. is a breeze along with taking a picture of proof of expense and exporting for reimbursement purposes.

Compliance and Mileage Logging

Mileage tracking using paper or legacy systems are error-prone and may deny you of the tax deductions and savings you deserve. Maximize your tax deductions with Automile’s IRS-compliant mileage log.

Prevent Speeding and Accidents

Reducing insurance and maintenance costs is critical for your business. Get full insights with robust and easy-to-understand reports and receive timely alerts on speeding and harsh driving behaviors.

Looking for more? Here you go.

Next Gen Services

Exceptional cloud solution with leading-edge technology backed up by a world-class customer success team.

Setup and Installation

Get started in seconds with a self-installed device and beautiful apps for iOS, Android and web.

User Roles and Permissions

Provide access to relevant portions of the app to the right users for better security and flexibility.


Set it and forget it. Automatically categorize trips for certain days of the weeks or times of day.

Notifications and Alerts

Be alerted about speeding, accidents and more. Custom created notifications delivered to you via email, mobile push or SMS.

Robust Reporting

Meaningful data gives insights around mileage logging, vehicle utilization, emissions and more with the goal of impacting your bottom line significantly.

Flexible Tracking Options - Smartphone or Box!

Automile solution includes feature-rich apps and you have the option to track mileage, trips and more with your smartphone or the self-installed box.

Track with Smartphone

Track with Smartphone

  • Ideal for businesses with smartphones to track trips.
  • Leverages smartphone’s data plan.
  • Mileage, trips, and routes tracking.
Track with Automile Box

Track with Automile Box

  • Ideal for businesses who need “always-on” tracking.
  • Integrated SIM card and data plan included.
  • Vehicle security, mileage, trips, and route tracking.

As low as $5.90 per vehicle/month

Low monthly service cost with no mobile data or other hidden fees.


Mileage log and expense management to maximize potential tax deductions and reimbursements.

$5.90 per vehicle / mo*
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Live tracking with 15-second update. 1-second update for speed/RPM, geofencing, accident alerts, and more…

$15.90 per vehicle / mo*
Try It Free for 14 Days More vehicles = lower rates. See Tiered Pricing


All features in Pro + idling, speeding, utilization reporting and more…

$23.90 per vehicle / mo*
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